Digix Ltd. located in Conthey (Valais) is specialized in the filed of solutions on mobile platforms.

  • Mobile technology
    Mobile technology is booming thanks to the emergence of smartphones and touch pads, Digix Ltd. offers SMEs solutions to fit their needs in these new mobile products.
  • SMEs’ internal and/or external use
    Whether for internal use as ERP or external services such as marketing applications, Digix Ltd. offers solutions for major mobile interfaces: Smartphones and Tablets IOS and Android.

More Information

  • DailyMenu
  • EXT: ERP & CRM

DailyMenu is a service offered by Digix Ltd. This application, DailyMenu allows restaurants to communicate quickly and easily their daily specials to people nearby through the site dailymenu.ch as well as on mobile phones and tablets. Enter daily menus in advance and save time Integrate regula menu also dishes Customize restaurant’s profile Display daily specials of restaurants nearb with a GPS system www.dailymenu.ch

Extension ERP – a customized ERP solution for SMEs to transform their mobile phones and tablets to a real working tool. Extension CRM – a customized CRM Solution for SMEs to communicate variety information with their clients through mobile phones and tablets of IOS and Android system.